Solid 22ct Gold iPad Only $189,000.00

This expensive solid gold iPad is uniquely designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes. This is for the most elite individual. It is the worlds 1st solid gold and diamond iPad. Encrusted with 25.5 carats of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in their solid 22ct Apple logo. […]

Confirmed: The iPad Doesn’t Need Code Signature On Apps!

Hey guys, today has been very interesting. Like most great discoveries, they happen on accident. We have tested (extensively) and have confirmed that the iPad does not require apps to be code signed! Brandon and I have been hard at work on some projects here internally at LEI Mobile and during this, we uncovered a […]

We Fixed The iPhoneSK Bug: For Real This Time

UPDATE 2: It’s Live! Go update right now and go get your plans and the app is chalk full of helpful information. 🙂 Once again, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and the trouble, we won’t let this happen again. UPDATE: I have just shipped over the 1.0.2 update that fixes all of the issues […]

Review: SFBags iPad Suede Jacket

My favorite case back from the original iPhone days is back and it’s bigger and better than before.  SFBags / WaterField Designs have taken the original suede jacket that I loved and ported it to the iPad. The reason I love the iPad Suede Jacket so much is because it’s an extremely basic design, feels […]

Apple Files For “iTunes LIVE” Trademark

Apparently, today, Apple has filed for the “iTunes LIVE” trademark. Now, there is no clear, official, reason, but I think it’s safe to speculate that Apple will bring live concerts and music events to customers, live, from iTunes. I expect Apple to bring this to market in Q3 2010 during it’s September music keynote (along […]

LEI Mobile v4.1 Now Live!

Wow, is all I can say. We have been trying to push this update for weeks now on the App Store. It was rejected many times, left and right, mostly for stupid little things, but finally, the app is live! So why the big bother with releasing this update? This is a massive change to […]

How To Jailbreak Your iPad With Spirit

Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on the latest firmwares. Spirit is not a carrier unlock. If you currently are using a tethered jailbreak, you have to restore to use Spirit. Do not upgrade if you use an unlock on an iPhone 3G or 3GS. (You can, however, restore to […]

Orange UK iPad 3G Pricing

Now that the date is set for May 28th, Orange has also released info on their iPad 3G data rates.  They offer a pay as you go $1 a day, weekly pricing, and monthly pricing.  Sorry folks no unlimited data options.  You will be capped at 10GB a month. Orange’s rates are somewhat higher than […]