Apple Releases iOS 11.0.3

I keep saying iOS 11 has been one of Apple’s worst releases. We are already on iOS 11.0.3 and the iPhone X has not even been released yet. iOS 11.0.3 includes bug fixes for issues that caused audio and haptic feedback problems on some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. It also address some […]

iPhone 8 Plus Model Numbers

If you are looking for model numbers of the iPhone 8 Plus you have come to the right page. Really there is not much difference between the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus. ¬†Major changes include wireless charging capability and an all new glass back design. This year there are 3 colors to […]

Apple Releases iOS 11.0.2

And just like that we have iOS 11.0.2. It seems like iOS 11 is one of the buggiest software revisions Apple has pushed out yet. It went through multiple betas, but still seemed to plague lots of devices on the initial release. iOS 11.0.2 includes bug fixes and improvements that fix issues where crackling sounds […]

Apple has already pushed out iOS 11.0.1

Well that was fast. It appears iOS 11 was not fully tested before it was pushed out to the public because Apple has just pushed out an update that is suppose to fix some bugs in the iPhone and iPad’s software. Just go to Settings –> General –> Software Update on your device.   This […]

iPhone 8 Model Numbers

It is that time of year again when Apple releases a new iPhone. However, this year Apple did something a little different. Instead of an iPhone 7S naming scheme, they opted to name this year’s iPhone the iPhone 8 and skipped the S version completely. Really there is not much difference between the iPhone 7 […]

Apple Released iOS 11 to the Public

Apple just pushed out iOS 11 to the general public. This is the latest version of their software with a lot of changes. Some of the major changes include: System-wide dragging and dropping. Revamped lock screen and control center. New Siri voice, and an updated iPad interface. You will also notice a lot of smaller […]

Apple’s iPhone X Event at Steve Jobs Theater

Apple is hosting their first ever event at the new Steve Jobs Theater. We are expected to see the new iPhones, new AppleTV that supports 4K, and a new Apple Watch that with have LTE built in. Along with the new hardware we will get a glipse at iOS 11 and most likely the mew […]

Apple Just Released iOS 10.3.2 – Small Update

Apple just released a small update for iOS 10.3. iOS 10.3.2, which is available via an over the air update and comes in at just under 200mb. No big changes stand out that you will notice. It was mainly pushed out for bug fixes and security enhancements. You can find the direct download links below: […]

Apple Pushes Out iOS 10.3.1 To Fix Bugs

It has only been 1 week since iOS 10.3 was released and already they have pushed out a small update that fixes bugs. Since it is such as a small update we are not exactly sure what they fixed. Here are the direct download links for iOS 10.3.1:   iOS 10.3.1 (Build 14E304) for: iPad […]